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    This is my semi-private beach where I read books, drink beer, and play with the kid.
    I'm throwing a NYE party here.
    Who's coming?

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    Twitter hashtag #SendRodToGuyFromNamNYEParty - donate now.

    -- Rod
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    Please donate here:

    Now we need double the amount, because Rod will need to some scuba gear, sun lotion, and buckets of Thai rum.
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    For that, if I could afford it, you may convince me to acknowledge a holiday!
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    If you could get the entire LOOT US dept in on this, together you could assemble something like this by X-mas:

    You could be Gloria!
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    lol ltm ltm ... Bunch-A-Animals !! Lol
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    Some people are a "Bunch-A-Animals" all by themselves...
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    Gloria, the hippo....hmmmmm...I'd better start eating a lot more. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Gloria, the hippo....hmmmmm...I'd better start eating a lot more. LOL
    Alot more if the avatar is you...

    WOW Nam that is a awesome looking beach.. I actually want to go to a place called seychelles. here is a pic or two
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    I think at least 5 of the top 10 beaches in the world are on the Seychelles...

    "Mine" is just a sandy strip behind a buddhist temple.
    But it's a quiet spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    Alot more if the avatar is you...
    Yes, that's me in my avatar, took the pic just a few days ago.
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    Oh man oh man! My laying on the beach days are sooo over!

    If I tried that today I'd probably drown cause the natives would insist on rolling me back into the water!
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    They would probably offer you a massage, and charge you double then

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