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    Cell Phone Virus Attacks Over 1 Million Cell Phone Users in ChinaPosted November 11, 2010 5:29 PM

    Cell Phone Virus Attacks Over 1 Million Cell Phone Users in China | ThirdAge

    Cell phone virus has attacked over one million cell phone users in China, and Chinese authorities are currently trying to stop the spread of the spam-texting virus, according to

    More than one million cell phones in China have been infected with a virus that continually sends out text messages, costing the country's citizens $300,000 a day, according to InformationWeek, as reported by Shanghai Daily.

    How does the virus spread?

    The "zombie" virus is hidden in a fake anti-virus app. Once the app is installed, the virus sends all of the names and phone numbers on a user's SIM card to the hackers, who then automatically take control of the phone, sending spam texts out to recipients.

    According to Zhou Yonglin, an official with China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Team, about 1 million cell phones had been infected since the beginning of September, and mobile operators were having difficulty eradicating the malicious application, owing to the breakneck pace of new variations appearing.

    cell phone viruses pose a growing problem with the increase in smartphones going on the market.
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    i dont know about that . i dont think they were actually using the phones but using the phones numbers or esn's
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    Someone ship some Valtrex to China!
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