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    think that Hp ... Palm sit on the site all day like us and spider it looking for words like "HP Palm are you listening?!?!?!"

    Thus concludes this post
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    you hear that hp/palm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    you hear that hp/palm?
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    like if i said " I want new hardware now HP/palm " they'd come running lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I call shenanigans!!!

    Sketch is full of it they read every post that has HP or Palm in them stop telling stories Sketch it's not good to confuse the P|C users.
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    No, they only read MY posts and, since I haven't been , they haven't been worried!
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    you mean they don't?

    hey palm, why aren't you in here reading all the whining posts?

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