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    Think of two things (like a smoker's breath and getting skipped at a traffic light because the ***** in front of you doesn't know where the gas pedal is) and make a detailed comparison.

    Please make the two subjects two completely different things.
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    Cleaning toilets vs Drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter night.

    Nothing's better than a cup (or two) of hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Hmmm-hmmm-good!

    I hate cleaning toilets. However, if I were out of work and had to find a way to feed my family, a job cleaning toilets would be better than nothing.

    So. Since cleaning toilets is better than nothing and nothing is better than a cup of hot toilets is better than hot chocolate! LOL
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    Can I just pay you $5 and skip this one?
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    Having to kiss Bruce Vilanche or letting a bear sit on your face after it had laxatives?

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