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    No what? You could mean three different things.
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    If you're going toward that extreme, sorry to break this to you but the real "hardcore gamers" are all PC gamers. Keyboards and mice offer far superior control to a Wii/PS/Xbox controller. Eventually motion controls will be perfected enough for console players to be able to compete with PC players but it's not there yet.
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    No what? You could mean three different things.
    Read the bold. I figured the link would probably answer your question... maybe you didnt click and read, I dunno.
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    I want buttons until they come up with a good alternative (what is out and coming out aren't good alternatives)

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    Wow whats with all the I'm 4 1337 r341 pr0 g4m3r posts?

    Post your earning for the year from pro gaming or stfu about being one its that simple.

    As for the whole console vs pc argument which seems to be happening both have pros and cons, nether is the clear winner in which is best at professional gaming just let it go its been debated for years.

    One thing though mouse/KB spanks any controller on the market even the mouse/kb for consoles nothing beats the full customization on the pc.

    And yes I am an old pc gamer been playing since wolfenstein 3d back when we used 5.25" floppies oh ya the fun days...
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