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    A team everyone wrote off as full of "castoffs and misfits" has defied everyone to win the world series in five games.

    With a long hair 'hippie' starting pitcher and a closer who dyed his beard with shoe polish, San Francisco closed out the Rangers on the road in Texas stadium leaving George Bush and the rest of the crowd stunned.

    I credit the San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy's excellent coaching as a major part of the victory, and if Edgar Renteria does retire, I can't think of a better way to go out than hitting a three run homer to win the world series on his last at bat. Cody Ross and Juan Uribe also came up very big for SF.

    Congratulations Giants on a job well done!
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    Way to go Giants! Can't believe it's the first WS win in SF! That's a long time coming!

    Would have been fun to see the Cards battle the Giants in the NLCS, but since we CHOKED in September, it'll remain fantasy match up.
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    It's actually their second WS win. Their first was in 1954. The year of "the catch" by Willie Mays. They swept the Indians in 4 games. That Indians team won 111 games that season.

    They are really a scrappy team. Really fun to watch. Congratulations Giants!
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    Technically, 1954 was their fifth world series win, while this year really is their first win while in SF. But I agree, a very scrappy fun to watch team!
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    Congrats to a good team! They deserve it!

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