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    I have a crazy predicament and could use some help from anyone who knows anything about wifi networks.

    I have U-verse with their wireles router hooked up, works all of the time EXCEPT when I turn on my laptop and try to connect. It's a Sony VAIO and just recently every time I try and conncect, I get the red blinking light. When I turn it off or disable wifi, green light. It works fine at work and even when tethering with my Pre, but kills the conncection at home. What's going on??? I also have an Xbox, Wii, and netbook that work flawlessly.
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    I don't know if this will help but sometimes when I add a new wifi device to my network, it conflicts with an existing wifi ip assignment and those two devices knock each other off the router.

    To resolve this I make sure that all wifi devices have a reserved ip address. Don't know if your router has this capability but it may help.

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