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    Well, seeing how many of you post what you lost around these forums, i decided to follow suit©

    Though I didn't lose my Visor ¥thank goodness€, I'd lost my USB keychain drive© ¥64MB, Apacer Handydrive€

    A chain of events has led to this result© First, my USB port on my PC broke down so I couldn't use it© I brought it over to the shop to have it checked out ¥it's dead - won't work€©

    I have a notebook computer though and the last time i used it on the notebook was on 28th August© After that, a complete mystery© I only realised it was lost on Friday ¥30th€© I know I didn't leave my house with it those few days© Or did I?

    Had the USB port worked I would've paid more attention to my USB drive© Because it stopped working, no attention was paid to my USB drive© ¥Good thing I didn't lose the Visor cradle too!!!€

    Well, I work from home most of the time and I didn't go out anywhere at all 29th and 30th©

    I did rearrange my desktop on the 30th evening ¥about the time i figured it got missing€

    I've searched high and low to no avail© I've searched for any possible places© Under the desk, under the curtains, behind the door on the coat hangers, in its original box, outside the house, in the car, under my bed, in my desk drawers, in my mom's shop ¥i could have left it there©©€, called up my friends to see if i had left it there, the toilet, the fridge, in my shoe©©©© about the only place i didn't look is the cat litter©

    So it's lost© My fear, as anyone would, is that i dropped it on the way out of the car, or left it outside the house, or somebody broke in and stole ONLY that item, or some weirdo alien came in and abducted it©©© i don't know©

    I know that isn't very possible since if i bring it out for file transfers i usually rope it around my neck with the rope thingie attached to it and I'm usually very careful with it, and i usually put the drive in three main areas, next to the computer, on the key basket or sometimes, in my bedroom©

    It's lost© :¥ :¥ :¥

    It isn't so much the drive itself, but more the data that was inside the drive that is more important©

    Wondering if any of you could bring up a common place where i missed searching©
    Thanks© :¥
    I'm just a dreamer..
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    And what's up with my fonts? They show up weird..
    I'm just a dreamer..
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    Must be a rough translation from your local language over there on Planet Bob...
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50

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