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    I searched and so far everything I've tried has failed to match iMovie in ease of use and power. I'm not looking to make movies for a theater just for fun eith some friends and don't want a program that will take weeks/months to get the hang of.

    Any suggestions?
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    windows movie maker from windows live essentials is free and easy.

    if you want to spend money, get pinnacle studio
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    Totally agree with Worker... I've used Movie Maker too... and you can't beat the price! The updated it with this new version of Windows Live Essentials too.
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    Pinnacle Studio 14

    The easiest, most powerful program ever created for editing video

    It can be immediately used by a beginner -- but is capable of being used for professional productions

    Truthfully IMovie is unique in some of the specific creative options that it has -- but Pinnacle's software is very very deep in what it can do while being immediately accessible and understandable to a new user. (And they offer telephone support if you need it.)

    Pinnacle has a feature that I have screamed at reps for pro systems to include.

    At less than $40 its a steal.

    Pinnacle Studio HD Video Editing Software 82101006421 - B&H
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    Loved moviemaker when I had a Win laptop.
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