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    Anyone that tries to deny that attractiveness is part of it is full of manure from switchedgear's horse!
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    I know the question is if we'd take a nice body or a nice face, but here's a question for the guys. If we're talking about one night, 2 choices and no one has to know. Would it be with a potentially cute zit filled face with a smokin hot dancers body (you know, with strong legs, hot ****, a four pack and a rack) or one with no ****, little boobs, out of shape (I say that because skinny people can be out of shape too) with a smokin hot face (beautiful eyes, bright smile, perfect hair).
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    given the choices, I have to say body. Light switches are the equalizer.
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    Hmmmmm a lot of chubby girls have cute faces so with that said, ill definitely have to go with BODY. I'd go for a decent face/body combo before just one of them though.
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