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    The premis is simple , every so often (not neccessarlly every post)
    Someone will hide white text within their post.. The person who recognizes the text replies with white text buried within a post .. The next person who see THAT white text also ans with white text hidden within a regular post...

    So the you can have many hidden convos ontop of many revealed convos at once...
    i always wondered , how do we REALLY know columbus was right about the earth being round!?!

    I won't start
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    well back then no one believed him I wouldn't have either ltm ltm
    anyone who has gone to school and made it at least to maybe third grade should know this anyways lol . He was a crazy man to them at that time . Ha hathis little turtle went to the market , and this little trutle went to school, and this little turtle.....
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    yeah dbd is one crazy fool and he's as lovable as a wet llama but we all look passed that and make him our leader... sorta like the borg eh?

    the question is , if YOU were Columbus would you have taken the risk or no?

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