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    As everyone knows the pre comes with a great leather pouch. I briefly dabbled with 3rd party cases and based on suggestions here ditched them and have relied on that to protect my palm sine then, sans screen protector, and it has done a terrific job. So great.

    However, this has lead to a problem. The case is identical on both sides, with the exception of the "PALM" logo.

    I, like most right-thinking people, place the logo on the front, as PALM intended.

    However my heretic friend places it on the back. "where the palm logo on the actual phone is".

    Clearly on this issue there can be no compromise. What side do you all come in on?
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    Cast off the Palm Pouch. Follow the SPE Side Pouch!
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    Hmmmm.....not much of a debate, I guess.
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    phhhh pouch? If you had your pre in your hands all the time like myself you don't need a case.
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    I used my bedazzler to make my case look even more fabulous ! ltm ltm
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    uhm, my pre came with soft suede pouch (Mr. Pouchy), no logo. Friend recently got palm from hp deal,same pouch + logo 1 side at top. She seems to always have phone out but when used, front.
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    No pouch for me. The orange lining clashed with my wardrobe.
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    if you turn it inside out it can be used for trick or treating next month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlangley21 View Post
    No pouch for me. The orange lining clashed with my wardrobe.
    I had that problem with my hair!
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    I had that problem with my hair!
    At least you have hair...
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