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    Ok, so I don't go on the Off Topic Forum often, but the other day I was thinking and this question came to mind. If the Pre was a song, what would it be? So, it's sorta a stupid question. But I sorta wanna know what you guys think.

    For Ex.
    If you HATE the Pre and think it's a terrible phone, you might think it'd be Justin Beiber's "Baby".

    But if you love it, you may say it'd be a Aretha Franklin "Chain Of Fools"

    I'd call it Michael Jackson's "Earth Song". Cuz I love it to death, but it can get annoying sometimes, and it's not the most popular of MJ songs (I have a huge knowledge of MJ songs), but it's fairly known, and the Pre is not the most popular of phones either.

    What do you think?
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

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    What are you talking about you love your palm pre? you post on every thread you get the chance that you hate the phone and dont buy it

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