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    Swiffer is definitely number one!!!
    Most of those car fax commercials
    Mr Clean
    Dating site commercials
    Ipad commercials
    Most commercials with outdated songs that were never popular
    The commercials about taking a drug that may have caused death, injury etc...
    ALL of the Droid does commercials
    Most all of the Verizon commercials talking about a great low price!
    Verizon "Rule the Air" commercials... what does that even mean?
    Geico Caveman and Money Bundles commercials
    NEW CRIME SHOW COMMERCIALS!!!! those make me want to use a shotgun on my tv
    That one BB commercial about the guy in the barbershop saying something like BB messenger being the only thing where he could go back and reference his messages?

    anyone else have commercials they hate?
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    i hate the Brawny man commercials

    I loathe the K.Y. commercials
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    • Clear wireless ads with the guy riding in the taxi and the weird acting kid on the computer saying "where are you daddy?" <<shiver>>
    • Blackberry ads
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    Anything related to urination, defecation, expectoration, menstruation, or copulation; or for care/cleaning of any related body parts.
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    Burger king
    All Political
    Geico with the guy yelling GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!
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    They aren't on anymore but the Head On commercials and the Pepto Bismol ones where they sing "Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, DIARRHEA!"
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    The Clapper!!!!
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    All fast food

    Geico caveman

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post

    Geico caveman
    I completely forgot about those furry Cave-men
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    You know... I REALLY despise the Windows 7 commercials...

    I dont watch the tellie that often... but the new Verizon commercial with all the little girls talking about how the air does care if they are male or female... and they can lead the army that comes... that just grates on my nerves... stupidity, absolute stupidity.
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    Slap chop and shamwow.
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    any commercial that repeats a phne number more than twice. I actually called a number once and told them I wasn't buying their stupid *blank* product because they annoyed the *blank* out of me with the number.
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    ANY commercial that says:

    "BUT WAIT!!

    THERE's MORE!!"
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    while on the subject EVERYONE should watch every video(dubs/jaboody dubs collection) on this site..
    laugh it up
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    ... and YES, it's Glade.

    I wanna slap that lady in the face everytime she says that.
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    Damn Progressive insurance
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    viva viagra
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    Don't know if they're just an East Coast thing or not, I haven't seen their commercials since I left, but: 1-800-SAFEAUTO
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    Currently I am most annoyed by Verizon's current "Rule the Air" campaign. They are all just an extension of the failed promotion of Palm phones to "busy mom's".

    All of the "rule the air" commercials are about women rising above and all that crap. might have worked in the 80's, but they are just silly now. I don't know any females that will use Verizon because they praising the wonders of womenhood, but they were certainly interested in verizon when they knew that they have a better network.

    Verizon failed in their attempt to market Palm phones to women, so they decided to double down and promote their entire company with that same failed strategy.
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