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    I really think there are some apologies to be made over some recent crap... I'm highly offended that people not at fault were blamed and I'm also a little upset that it looks like it was all pushed under the rug to never be brought up again.
    Personally I support the person who was being harrassed and think its bs that that person might have provoked it in some fassion. Flame me if you like but the one thin I have grown to enjoy about this forum is that its tight knit and when one person is offended you take a big chance on several of us being offended. Am I banned now, infraction maybe..... I dunno but after some of the junk I read in the last 24 hours I'm not gonna just sit back and keep my mouth shut either.........
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    You know, I’m not even sure who was being harassed and who was harassing because nobody ever reported it—at least not in OT. Did it happen in a particular forum? Did it occur over PM? If that happens please report it and mods and/or admin with deal with the issue. Although we try, it’s difficult for part-time mods to catch everything so help us to make this forum a more enjoyable place by reporting people who are violating guidelines or offending other users. I assure you, nobody will sweep anything under the rug. The previous thread was closed because forum policy is for infractions and violations to be dealt with between the mods and the parties in violation. It’s not appropriate, nor do I believe other members want to see the drama unfolding in public view. So, again I ask, if someone is harassing or otherwise violating forum guidelines please report them and we will handle it.

    Thanks for your help!
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