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    waaaaay back when aol was new and cool, I met a girl online... Was talking to her for weeks. We finally decided it was time to meet. We had both just gone through a breakup and felt it was time to move on and thought, we should get together and see where that leads since we seem to really get along.
    she was an ex-girlfried! thoughts on 'online dating' changed @ that moment in the 90s and whenever a friend says so I met this girl/guy online I immediately say 'be careful'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas View Post
    I gotta slightly disagree here, and yes, I know I'm essentially blaming the victim but;

    In all honesty, if you're an attractive woman, and use images of yourself as your avatar (in a corset none-the-less) on a forum predominantly utilized by males (you can debate that all you want but that's the case), you're going to draw attention to yourself. If you suddenly find yourself barraged by unwanted Private Messages on said forum, perhaps it's time to choose a different avatar.

    Is that blaming the victim? Yup. Is the solution common sense? Yup. Unless said individual is enjoying the attention.
    Ha! I understand what you're saying, but the worst started and happened way before I had this avatar up.

    They seemed to like my suit jacket and jeans even more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoinit View Post
    Wha happened to Sketch42 Productions™?
    Was mobile and didn't want to lose the whole post trying to get the logo in .... ill update in the morrow
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    Heck ... even I was getting freaky pm's and look at my avatar ... and don't even ask about dbd and what kinda pm's he's been getting with his
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    Good point! Happens with anything and all the time.
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    Everyone is capable of reporting unwanted Private Messages just the same as Reporting a Post.
    Is there violations of Forum Guidelines going on via Pm, then please Report it with the forum tools available.

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