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    Prizefight: Google Voice vs Skype (Video)
    It is interesting to see how Google Voice has overcome to Skype in a few years.
    What is your preference?

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    I use skype as a general im client with occasional video chatting.

    I used google voice as a way to back my info up (contacts, call history,sms) but now I use it for voip.
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    I pick neither!
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    Here I was thinking it might be an interesting video... wish you would have warned us that it was just another review and comparison. Personal rant: cnet is absolutely worthless when it comes to reviewing anything at all. These are the last people in the world I would listen to about mobile devices and/or software. /personal rant

    Sorry.. just had to get that off my chest. Anyhoo... I use neither.
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    Google Voice is great but it has no video, prize fight?! usual Tong and crew are annoying me again.
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    CNET - proof that bling alone doesn't make you cool....

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