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    So my first computer was a 486sx 66mhz with a whopping 4mb ram and 40mb hd. Added a 14.4 modem later. What's special about that computer was that is where I learned QBasic and have been programming since.

    An honerable mention was my Mac Plus (which was given to me well past it's prime). It was maxed out with 4mb ram and had an external 40mb hard drive. It ran OS6 but I took a bunch of extensions from OS7 at school and installed them on it (like windowshade, dosdisk, and a few others). That thing was so much fun to tinker with. Even installed AOL (off 2 low density disks) and explored the internet in black and white over a courier 2400bps modem. Those were the days...

    - Phil -
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    VIC 20 with (I believe) an off-brand cassette drive and some real crummy Commodore printer (on a console tv with broken color - those characters on the screen were HUGE! ). Started learning BASIC programming on that, but things got much more fun when we got a C128 and 1571 disk drive.

    My first PC was an IBM PC XT with 640k of RAM and an indestructable 20mb HP hard drive running Stacker to compress the drive. Oh yeah, and it had a black and white monitor -- none of that green cr-p. I replaced the monitor with a nicer black and white one when it got glitchy. I think I had that PC for 6 years before I built a Cyrix (remember that CPU ?) 386sx PC with a whopping 4mb or RAM. I bought my first modem for that computer - a 2400 baud screamer (I swear it was made by Emerson... Am I crazy?)

    Ah fun times.
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    C64. High school. At the time, the most expensive thing I'd ever purchased with my own money.
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    Wow, this thread has cracked me up! Thanks!

    Had a bunch of what has already been mentioned, as well as an IBM portable (how the hell I got talked into it, I don't know... "portable" my azz. Thing was a suitcase, and wouldn't be carryon in todays flight world.)

    But, yeah, good times.

    On a related note (and hopefully not too far off topic), just last week I was speaking with a much older (near retirement) engineer friend who had a very old slide rule in his pocket. Being the young/dumb engineer I am, I commented on it. He said he was suprised I knew what it was... I proceeded to show him I could even use it (mutliply and divide). But that is about all I can remember how to do. He was impressed. Turns out, it was his recently deceased father's slide rule. I was more impressed than he. So much so, that later that night I dug out my deceased grandfather's slide rule.

    Really good times.

    Thanks again guys.
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    trs-80 coco
    tandy 1000sx shortly after
    various programmable calculators around the same time. Loved my casio FX all through college.
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