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    + me too dbdoinit. :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    I don't agree that a supposed PC movement has gone too far. In fact, quite the opposite. In my 40 some-odd years, I have never seen as much sanctioned bigotry and prejudice in the US as I have seen in recent history directed toward a specific religious group. Not just man on the street prejudice, but prejudice preached by both religious and political leaders and done so in the public eye with not only near impunity, but also garnering support on a massive scale. Frankly, that is what scares me. First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a J e w...

    Most would agree that we should engage in serious debate on actual issues and ideas and that adopting a PC position is not helpful...but what is also not helpful is branding open-minded people who reject bigotry as PC in an attempt to dismiss their points of view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    It's not my camp, though I can understand why you'd make that assumption, as I argue their points often. I also argue points for the left.

    But I understand. It's much easier to marginalize people when you put them in "camps".
    OK, then I'll pose it as an open question to those who consider themselves in that camp. I was genuinely curious whether there is a counterpart term on the right.
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