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    So my Timex Ironman is biting the dust. I know, sad face. I was going to just get another one but then thought, wait, i'm a gadget guy when it comes to cell phones...why not a watch!

    Anyone got any suggestions or seen anything pretty neat out there?

    (if you say iOS watch, you have to leave )
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    eye O's Watch

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    Get an atomic watch.

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    Suunto produces the gods among watches. They offer models that include GPS, altimeter, barometer, thermometer. You're a weather station and you know where you are. They happen to cost hundreds of dollars, but they come in a variety of shades of grey. I'm absolutely serious about the recommendation, though I don't own one myself -- I'm waiting for the Army to just hand me one, which happens ... sometimes.
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    Suunto can't be beat if your an outdoor kind of guy. The Finns know what they are doing.

    Suunto - Home
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    Make sure you buy a watch that automatically corrects itself or changes time zones as you move from one zone to another
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    The time zone thing is the reason I gave up wearing my Bulova and just carry my phone, it auto-updates for me.
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