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    Man of Steelerator
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    At first, I kind of thought the Common Sense Lesson here was “don’t text message the cops when you’re looking to sell some drugs.” But it turns out that’s not actually the lesson. Yes, this is exactly what West Virginia’s Joshua Wayne Cadle did last week, mind you. The 19-year-old wanted to send a text message to friend, asking the friend if he was interested in buying some weed. But unbeknown to Cadle, his friend’s phone number has been reassigned to the State Police, so it was a state trooper who received the text. That trooper set up a meet and Cadle was arrested when he showed up.

    So the Common Sense Lesson here is actually that you should always be sure that your Contacts List is up to date.
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    You should remove that SS#
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    Pump up the volume
    Pump up the volume
    Pump up the volume

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    ^^^ lmao lmao lmao
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    The purpose of SEMI E84 is the use of parallel I/O interface in order to support continuous handoff, simultaneous handoff, and the capabilities of error detection on the interface of the AMHS (Automated Material Handling System)

    Yup, that's what was in there...
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    Women get a bad rap sometimes.... these women do not....

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    I just swapped batteries and endured a 10 minute restart. Nothing on my clipboard after that.
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    Banned for giving people nightmares......oh wait, wrong thread!
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