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    well with my mom's birthday coming up she has been asking for an ipod, so the first place I checked was walmart website, it says for my specific store there were 5th gen nanos in stock for $130, so I went in to get one, first thing is they don't even have 5th gen just 4th, and they were priced at $160, so I asked them about it and they said it was different pricing online and I understood that but I asked why they didn't have the newer model, he again went through it being a different price online and didn't tell me anything about the models difference, it went on like this for 15 minutes then I left, anyone else have bad experiences with walmart?
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    The thing about Walmart is the wide variety of products and decent prices.

    Do not expect expertise from anybody in any department. Especially electronics. The day you see somebody working in that section, you might see them working in the clothing section the next day.
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    I only go to Walmart when I know exactly what I want. My favorite personal story was the time I purchased a $500 TV. I had to ask everyone and their mother on the way out the door who could help me put it in my truck and I kept getting put off to the next person. I finally made my way to the customer service desk and was told to wait and they would get someone. After waiting almost a half hour I finally got someone , he happened to have just caught a shop lifter so he was in the area. That was a fun day.
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    Wal-Mart does not care, if they anger/upset one person that will not shop there anymore, another 10+ come in the door who will!
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    I'm gonna get my bro to talk to a manager, he works at the pharmacy but maybe he can help
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    Not really a bad experience, but an experience nonetheless.

    On 8 July it was 32C and I went out and it was either a raft and lifejackets($500 fine in Calgary for rafting with no jacket, not to mention looking over your shoulder for the fuzz, as open liquor on the river is somewhere around $250) or a pool. Found a pool, 12' across, 30" deep, holds about 5000 litres or 1600 gal. Spent 3 hours in the blistering heat setting up a place to put the pool (had to move about 15 patio stones weighing in at approx 100 pounds a piece. By the time I had the pad made, leveled and the pool starting to fill with water, was about 3 hours later(it was really hot out ). Pool fills up about 3 hours after that( slow garden hose) and by that time, thunderheads had rolled in, lightning and pouring down rain, didn't get to use the pool till sometime the following week.

    Inflated the floating beer cooler(with cup holders) and 2 air mattresses. It really wasn't a huge pool by any standards but at least we found a spot that didn't kill our grass, and was right outside the back door.

    With the severely crappy weather we had all summer....Lightning storms, tornado watches all July and August, maybe used the pool a half dozen times. Water stayed around 70F all summer.

    So last week, I decided to take it back, God bless Wal-Mart and their 90 day return policy, which I took note of when I bought it.

    I take the pool, the cooler, and the 2 mattresses back, they asked why? ( I didn't tell them, because summer is over and I really don't want to store it myself, so I told them it wasn't big enough, which was partly true. It was big enough for 4 adults to float around in though) and that I realized that after it was full and didn't want to dump out 5000 litres of water and get a new one.

    Total price in July:
    Pool $99.99
    mattress X 2 $10.00
    Total $124.98
    5%GST$ 6.50
    Total $131.48

    When I took it back, with the receipt, I was given $134 and change.

    Wal-Mart paid me $2.50 to have a pool, cooler and 2 matresses for all summer.

    Thanks Wal-Mart, I don't care what they say about ya, I still like you
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    Mine started off horrible but ended up making my week.

    My wife was going to take the kid to some cabin in God-knows-where mountains to meet some friends. They were leaving at daybreak and my wife is directionally challenged (I have spent hours on google maps giving her directions by phone).

    It was 930pm and and I decided for our piece of mind I would get her a gps. I went to walmart (24 hours) and saw a nice one in the case. I walked up to two goofy *** employees playing grab *** and told them I wanted to buy the gps. One of the guys said "im sorry, I cant get it for you, I need a key to open the case and I dont have it, as the other dip shi# giggled. I said, "your kidding me right! I have a few hundred bucks I want to spend and you dont want it". They replied "sorry man, they wont give us they key".

    I was angry, I stormed off to customer service and they got the manager. I told her that their policy regarding the key was ridiculous and Ill spend my money else where. She said "what policy". I went on and relayed my experience and she was fuming. She knew exactly which two idiots I was talking about and told me to "follow her".

    I followed her back to the electronics, where she violated a major rule of management
    (public reaming of employee's) and tore these guys new orifices. It was beautiful! Imagine Louise Jefferson screaming at these two refugees from an energy drink commercial: you "lazy, good for nothing, only working so mommy wont throw you out of the house, trust fund babies..." I was so happy, It beat a discount.

    I will only go to Walmart as a last resort.
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    nice one balzak
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    Given it's Labor Day, I will point out that shopping at Wal Mart increases the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanS View Post
    And I will point out that you completely made this up.
    No, it really is Labor Day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas View Post
    No, it really is Labor Day.
    lol lol
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    To follow up, one can begin to educate themselves here:
    FrontLine: Is Wal-Mart Good For America.
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    This movie is obviously a little slanted but even if only a part of its true...

    WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balzak View Post
    This movie is obviously a little slanted but even if only a part of its true...

    WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price
    Seen it twice
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    Will somebody please explain to me why there is such fixation on Walmart by the liberal left? You'd think there was nothing left of small business America, that Walmart destroyed it all.

    You guys really should take the blinders off and look around a bit more.
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    Walmart and customer service are mutually get what you pay for but sometimes that's okay.
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    I don't fit into any of these. I don't go to best buy, or wal mart. I work @ the source, and I buy everything there. If I can't find it at work, I buy it online. I went to best buy once. Worse service than Walmart, which wasn't that great either.
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    I actually had a really good experience from Walmart customer service just the other day... and I wasn't even technically a customer. haha

    I had ordered a new Pre from the hp website while they were still doing the $50 gift card. I was expecting delivery on it on Wednesday, so when I tracked it online and saw delivery I was excited and called my Apartment office to confirm they had it... unfortunately, they said they did not, nor did they recognize the name of the signor.

    Since I have worked in the shipping business in the past I knew exactly what to ask the Fedex CS people to do (check the driver manifest for other shipments signed for by the same person and same time) and quickly found out that my package had been mis-delivered to the Walmart down the street from my place.

    Fedex of course told me they'd sent the driver back the next day to "attempt" to recover the shipment, but I know from experience that this was unlikely.

    So I called the Walmart, and spoke with an assistant manager in shipping/receiving who was able to locate my box and pulled it aside for me to come and get right then. When I showed up to get it, everyone was very nice and apologised several times even though it was completely Fedex's fault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    Will somebody please explain to me why there is such fixation on Walmart by the liberal left? You'd think there was nothing left of small business America, that Walmart destroyed it all.

    You guys really should take the blinders off and look around a bit more.

    The point of my post has little to do with the concern over big-box stores wiping out small businesses but rather Wal-Mart's determined destruction of American Manufacturers in pursuit of te lowest possible costs for the goods they carry.

    When Sam Walton was alive, his philosophy was to "Buy American!" but after his death the family did a 180 with the company and began demanding lower and lower prices for the goods they purchased, encouraging American companies to move their factories overseas to get their prices down.

    So if anyone should be taking their blinders off, please look within and let us know if a "fixation" on good paying American manufacturing jobs is a healthy one to have.
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    Hi all,

    I don't shop at Walmart and have not for almost 6 years. I stopped going there, when I discovered approx 40% of the employees are on MEDICAID, b/c Walmart pays so little and their Med Ins is so expensive.

    Do keep in mind that the remaining 3 "children" of Sam Walton are adults and some of the richest people in the world, read the list on Forbes website..

    I do mind that the tax payer is getting screwed, b/c Walmart doesn't want to deal with the issue.

    Now my G/F works for Costco and has for 7 years. Costco is a direct competitor of Sam's club. Sam's pays the same crummy pay scale as Walmart....yet Costco pay structure is much higher. A topped out employee at Costco is making $20 a hour, gets two 50 cent raises a year and a twice annual bonus, that for full timers starts at $2,300 TWICE A YEAR!!!!!!!!

    They have fantastic medical benefits, in fact they are on par with most union benifits....(only the NY stores are unionized).

    Amy's dental bill 2 years ago would have been over $700 and she paid something in the area of $30. Glasses are free, RX's are dirt cheap, her med ins copay is very inexpensive.

    She is getting 3 weeks paid vacation time and half for Sundays and Costco is closed Memorial and labor days, Sam's employees have to work those days, (Costco is also closed New Years, Labor Day & Memorial Day).

    If Costco can do it, so can Sam's club. Sam's club, Walmart & BJ's charge almost the same for membership, (believe it or not, that is where the profit comes from, they sell all their merchandise for cost). Yet, BJ"s and Sam's have an awful pay structure.

    Do keep in mind that Costco hasn't laid off ANY employees during the recession, (other than seasonal help), however they did close about 5 or so stores and they employees were all offered other jobs. They have also opened a number of stores since the recession started. The vast number of employees are full time, unlike Walmart, who keeps a great deal of their employees at part time so Walmart & Sam's give then less benefits.

    The customer service is far better in Costco, b/c they are happier, due to fact they are treated much better than Walmart & Sam's Club employees.

    Take care, Jay
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