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    Your Own Hot Spot, and Cheap - Yahoo! Finance

    "The MiFi released by Virgin Mobile this week ($150) is almost exactly the same thing as the one offered by Verizon and, until recently, Sprint ó but thereís a twist that makes it revolutionary all over again.

    The Virgin MiFi, like its rivals, is still an amazing gizmo to have on long car rides for the family, on woodsy corporate offsite meetings, at disaster sites, at trade show booths or anywhere you canít get Wi-Fi. If you live alone, the MiFi could even be your regular home Internet service, too ó one that you can take with you when you head out the door. And itís still insanely useful when youíre stuck on a plane on a runway.

    But three things about the Virgin MiFi are very, very different. First, Virginís plan is unlimited. You donít have to sweat through the month, hoping you donít exceed the standard 5-gigabyte data limit, as you do with the cellular-modem products from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. (If you exceed 5 gigabytes, you pay steep per-megabyte overage charges, or in T-Mobileís case, you get your Internet speed slowed down for the rest of the month.)

    If you hadnít noticed, unlimited-data plans are fast disappearing ó but hereís Virgin, offering up an unlimited Internet plan as if it never got the memo.

    Second, Virgin requires no contract. You can sign up for service only when you need it. In other words, itís totally O.K. with Virgin if you leave the thing in your drawer all year, and activate it only for, say, the two summer months when youíll be away. Thatís a huge, huge deal in this era when every flavor of Internet service, portable or not, requires a two-year commitment.

    Third, the service price for this no-commitment, unlimited, portable hot spot is ó are you sitting down? ó $40 a month."
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    The biggest problem is that Virgins (Sprints) network is very small, if you do any traveling into off network areas there is no roaming.

    Works great in network if that's where you live and play!

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