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    ThinkPad maker Lenovo creating eBox game console
    Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:48 PM EDT

    Technolog - ThinkPad maker Lenovo creating eBox game console

    By Suzanne Choney

    Lenovo, best known for buying IBM's ThinkPad line of notebooks, is venturing into the world of game consoles by creating its own dubbed the eBox.

    Lenovo's foray into gaming will start on its home turf: China. The eBox will not have a controller, like Microsoft's Kinect. ( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.) The Kinect, a $150 motion-sensing game controller for the Xbox 360, is due out in November.

    The eBox will also use motion-sensing technology, Lenovo told The China Daily, and the company has put 40 Lenovo software engineers to work to develop and market the eBox using a company name of eedoo Technology.

    "We are the world's second company to produce a controller-free game console, behind only Microsoft," Jack Luo, president of eedoo Technology told the newspaper.

    "Ebox uses a camera to track player movement, but unlike Nintendo's Wii or Sony's Move system, ebox can plot movements and translate them into onscreen action without the need for a controller," the newspaper said.

    Lenovo completed its acquisition of IBM's Personal Computing Division in 2005. The division includes the popular Thinkpad laptops, as well as IdeaPads.
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    another system? seriously? kinda hoping it doesn't leave china onlly because it's rediculous. back in the day when systems cost 150-200 it wasn't that bad because after a few years you could collect them all, but with systems ranging from 300-400 after being out atleast 3 years each, it's not exactly the easiest endevour and annoying if they start making system only games. I wouldn't even have a ps3 if it wasn't for it being bluray because the wii and xbox360 sufice all my games. (except i do like imfamous on the ps3) dont see this being big if it came here unless the price was low and if really offered something more.
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