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    States you can
    Plus, now manage your fantasy team! Set lineups, add/drop players and view LIVE fantasy scoring.
    By using this URL: Home

    However, I can't figure out how/where to manage my team.


    How do you manage yours?
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    I'd like to know myself. It seems like (along with the Sprint NFL app) the official mobile stuff isn't done yet. I'll likely be checking the site daily till the season starts. I'm frustrated too.
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    On line is the only way to do it for me (CBS Sports site)
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    just loaded up couldn't find it (there is a menu button, but it does nothing). I only have 1 league on NFL and everything is is yahoo sports (been using yahoo for YEARS). Anyways I can do my yahoo find from the Pre, will let you know if I figure anything out on

    Have you tried loading the full site in the Pre browser.

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