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    And I've seen countless times where the people that shouldn't be pro-creating in the first place... do.
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    I know this was promoted as showing iPhone users are more successful with the women but does it really mean that? Or does it mean that iPhone users sleep around more? Does it mean iPhone users are insecure and unhappy so they have to run after the latest thing--gadgets as well as partners?

    Or does it just mean iPhone users have more opportunities to meet new people as they're walking around trying to find a signal?
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    I've no idea, I only know one iPhone owner and happen to think he's incredibly sexy!
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    The survey didn't include webOS, so we didn't know if us webOS users are more or less attractive then iOS users

    Yet, when my launch day Pre crashes (just because it ran out of memory while trying to load Google maps together with Sprint Navigator) while me and some friends needed GPS to find a place, I guess the girls are not pleased at all.

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