View Poll Results: At what age dou you expect to retire?

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  • Under 50

    8 14.29%
  • 50-55

    6 10.71%
  • 56-60

    8 14.29%
  • 61-65

    8 14.29%
  • 66-70

    11 19.64%
  • 71+

    14 25.00%
  • I've already retired/don't work

    1 1.79%
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    when I die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jstutz View Post
    Hey xForsaken, as a lifelong Banff local, I remember the UIC ski team. Bet we fell off different bar stools together back then. I'm still rippin' it whenever I can hit the slopes and now that I'll no longer be mayor of Banff, I will rip it even more. Thanks for your kind words about Banff.
    ur welcome.. always had a good time down there.. an quite likely we did fall off a bar stool or five at the same time.. lol.. good times had by one and all.. some great rocky mt powder as well.. did my first heli skiing in that area.. when i got too old to do it i had a mitt full of vertical in heli and some in tracked vehicles as well.. my knees dont do so well anymore.. 3 pins holding the left one together.. as to skiing in Ontario.. lol well it should be called the 4th prairie province. lolol
    we use to come outta pg on trips,,, do jasper then stroll on down to banff.. go for a week or three lol
    Life is short, Play hard, and enjoy every moment as if it was your last.
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    I retire every night. But, to retire as in never work again?..........


    I'll have a heart atack as a Walmart greeter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    I don't want to retire. Quickest way to die is to stop working.

    I just want to work becaue I want to... not because I have to.
    Is that the reason I feel [cough, cough] the very life in me ebbing away...not. I work a lot now that I am retired. I just don't get paid for it.
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