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    Just an interesting article I found that I thought I'd share with the rest of you.

    The short version: A new solar system found with 5 planets orbiting(which ties the previous record of planets around a star) with possibly 2 more.
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    Wow, that is cool. Gotta love
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    Yeah, I picked up on this the other day. Very cool. Theoretically we could reach this system as it's only a couple hundred light years away.... once we figure out how to move a bit quicker. I know this sounds crazy, but a small flotilla/fleet of ships could set out on a multi-generational exploration mission. Would take what? Maybe 500 years to get there? That's not really as long as it sounds, in the grand scheme of things. Possibly even with a planned return trip?

    Think about it. 1000 years later we're visited by the descendants of the original explorers. How much would they have changed?

    Great daydreaming fodder! I need a tree in a park to snooze under now....
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