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    trying to find someplace to back up alot of concert videos i've taken over the years and was wondering what do you guys recommend. Probably need someplace that offers 10+ gbs

    I've sadly reached my limit on photobucket
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    I'll check it out. thanks

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    I love ZUMO DRIVE and DROBOX
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    I use but it limits to 100MB per drop (you can have as many as you like) for FREE drops.

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    Skydrive from MS Windows Live. 25gb of free storage.
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    Wuala is free, and if you allow it use some of you hard drive space you can earn up to 100 GB of free online space. It will automatically backup select folders and now includes folder sync so you can sync folders across computers. AND you can access your files from the web browser on your WebOS phone!
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