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    I saw a couple of really short trailers for this movie, but just saw a longer one and... well... worlds are either colliding, or someone is an AMAZING fast-talker in Hollywood!

    Machete trailer

    Check out this line-up:

    • Danny Trejo
    • Steven Seagal (yes you read that right)
    • Michelle Rodriguez
    • Robert De Niro (yes, in a movie with Seagal)
    • Cheech Marin
    • Jessica Alba
    • Lindsay Lohan (nekkid)
    • Jeff Fahey
    • and Don Johnson

    Wow. Just wow. Talk about casting choices that just scream "watch me".
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    It's based on the mock tongue-in-cheek trailers created for the intermission in Grindhouse.
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    Yup... it looked cheesy the first time I saw the mock trailers (which was their intent), but the actual ones for the real movie look pretty good.

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