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    This really sucks because I washed my school schedule the day before school starts, now me along with probably around 10 other people who some how misplaced their schedule and now need a new one will be in the office before first hour frantically trying to get it before the bell rings... should I post this on fml?

    Edit: Turns out some people got some revised schedules so everyone got new schedules in the morning with all the neccessary info so it worked out
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    Go to the guidance office.
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    Download a new one?
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    Download a new one?
    Well it turns out we do have this system online however, they have it on a down server until a school starts so lucky me with getting to wait in the office!
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    You could always call the guidance office they are usually in a week before school starts and see if your guidance counselor can email you a copy
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    Or like my school wait until the first day to ever see your achedule for the year that way you and loose it or switch as easy because you want a different teacher.

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