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    Might I suggest Bleeping Computer - Computer Help and Discussion

    I usually go to that site when looking for information on a particular virus, and it's never failed me in a clean up yet.

    Luckily enough I've seemed to grown out of the phase where I got a virus on my computer every other week, I'm lucky to see one major infection a year.
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    use spybot....then safemode that is

    if this doesnt work....try to backup ur files. then wipe the hdd and reinstall the OS

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Thanks all!

    Ya, the whole reformat thing, its way more than just backing up my 300gb of data, its then reinstalling, finding all the codes, software packs, etc for the millions of little apps for all kinds of stuff I rely on every day, thats the real problem, not the data.

    But GOOD NEWS! I GOT IT! Well with the help of the amazing Malware Tier2 remote help from Sunbelt Software (Vipre people). At first he/we were trying to re write the winlogon.exe file, but it kept regenerating. He was a bit puzzled at first too, as he had never seen this particular behavior, but yesterday one of their other top techs had seen another exact same occurance with another customer. Between the info I was giving him, the other tech, with the other customer, they sorta put 2+2 together, and found it was 2 files and processes that are infected, and until you kill BOTH the winlogon.exe and explorer.exe processes, then replace the files, simultaneously, doing just one, always reinfected the other.

    Once we did THAT, I was able to reboot, do a full clean scan, and my desktop is once again happy.

    I promised it no more torrents , which sorta leaves me in a lurch for all the stuff I rely on torrents for (no lectures please, Im sure half or more of you do it too)

    What I did was buy myself a lil early pre birthday pressent, a used windows xp home, net book, great price on ebay, excellent feedback, it was about half the price of a new one, and will be perfect to dl, and reformat if needed.

    I could almost feel the excitement in Brians typing as he was in a remote session and realized he GOT IT!

    So thank you, everyone here with such great knowledge and great suggestions. I noted all the tools and sites here and Im sure they will come in handy at some point.

    It was such joy this morning to come into my office and find a cleanly scanned computer waiting for my gentle caress of its once again happy keys!

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    Glad to hear the problem has been solved!
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