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This will be the 3rd time the NY Times will have tried to put a pay wall around it's site, (see the high lighted section). The last two times were dismal failures and I am sure this one will be as well.

It is approx 15 years that we all have been getting news content for free and the vast majority will not pay for news.

The London times, lost the vast majority of it's online readership just a few weeks ago, when the put up a pay wall.

Newsday, (Long Island, NY), pay wall was/is such a failure that in the first 3 months they signed up so few people, the number could be counted on one hand.

I realize that this is a very tough environment for newspapers...however, most people even if they wanted to cannot afford to start paying for content.
After all, "$14.95 monthly pass to a $1 day pass", adds up, if you have to pay several websites a month!

Notice how the Times Corp, have tried this one a smaller local paper FIRST than on the NY Times and Boston Globe, which they also own. I am SURE this testing of the waters will end up being another dud.

While I read the NY times site the most of any other every day, (I lived the 1st 38 of my almost 55 years in NYC). The print addition is not available for home delivery in my area, even if I wanted to get the paper). I am NOT in a position to pay the dozens of sites I read each and every day!

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Times Co. Property to Charge Web Users
August 15, 2010


The Telegram & Gazette, a newspaper in Worcester, Mass., that is owned by The New York Times Company, said it would begin charging readers to view some of the local news articles that appear on the paperís Web site.

Starting on Monday, the paper will introduce a metered pay wall model that will allow readers to view 10 local news articles free each month. Once they reach that threshold, they will be able to buy a variety of online subscriptions, ranging from a $14.95 monthly pass to a $1 day pass.

Subscribers to the paperís print edition will not be charged extra to read articles online.

The flagship paper of The Telegram & Gazetteís parent company, The New York Times, is preparing to begin its own metered pay wall early next year.

The Times has not yet set a pricing schedule or said how many articles it would allow online readers to view before they are asked to pay.