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    I'm sorry if this has already been posted, I searched for okcupid but nothing came up. Anyway the online dating site rated cameras by how hot they made you appear. Pre did better then most phones, but not a few:

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    This is ridiculous.
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    Im sure that data means something to someone . . . .
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    There's a lot of useless data:


    I find it pretty some of it pretty interesting though.
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    Also on Gizmodo! Great reference material, specially for camera buffs! :P

    iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex as Android Users (Plus! Sexiest Cameras)

    According to 11 million plus images indexed by users of dating site OK Cupid, iPhone users get laid twice as often as Android users.

    If you're anything like me, you usually think of your pics in terms of content: Here's me smiling. Here's me looking tough. Here's me in Hawaii with that wacky turtle. And so on. Today, however, we'll analyze photography from a numerical angle-we'll discuss flash, focus, and aperture instead. We feel like people don't really think about these things when they choose a profile photo, and yet, as we shall see, their misuse can seriously mess you up.

    As always, our data comes from dating site OkCupid, one of the largest, and most interesting, datasets on the web. This article aggregates 11.4 million opinions on what makes a great photo.

    Same person, different cameras:

    Depth of field:

    Go view the article now!
    iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex as Android Users (Plus! Sexiest Cameras)
    -- I don't agree with the title though :P
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    Number of sexual partners =/= twice as much sex.
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    But it does make you easy....
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    Exactly! If anything, it shows that they're more promiscuous.. And aren't you supposed to multiply the ladies' results by 3 then divide by 2 to get the actual number? And divide the men's by 2?
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    Oh gosh....don't tell my cat!! He will want to be putting his picture up on one of those dating sites now and figuring out how much sex he will be getting from the female kittys! He's already banned from dialing the phone at night time...I have to put a pin on it when I go to bed. LOL

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

    I don't need to understand the way you think I need to, I understand the way I think I need to.
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    I think this image sums up this post... heh, I own a palm pre obviously, and my numbers flow with the post.

    If men devide by 2... does that mean I slept with a midget?

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