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    Sorry but it doesn't gone out of my head:

    To get a FREE 1350mAh Battery others paid 45$ for.
    Print out the following text and glue it onto your battery:

    SEIIDO Innocent
    1350mAh Li-ion Battery
    Product No.: ABCD12EFG3
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    huh I don't get it
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    Quote Originally Posted by chilo141 View Post
    huh I don't get it

    There is a thread going on comparing the capacitance of the seido 1350mah battery. The general evidence so far is that seido are misselling low mah value batteries (say 1150 to 1200 mah) as the 1350mah.
    This thread is making a joke on it by saying, take the stock battery (1150mah) and put the seido sticker on it and, voila you have a supposed seido 1350mah battery for 'free'

    Edit: It makes me glad I bought an amzer 1400mah battery. Capacitance 1386, I'll take a 14mah deviation as fine.

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