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    I may be wrong about this but,,,,I have an HP laptop that is less than a year old and has a crack in the keyboard side of the casing that happened about 6 months ago, my wife walked into our bar type counter with it and cracked the casing. About 3 weeks ago the screen stopped working so since it was still under warranty She called HP and it was sent back. HP tech support called her,,oh she had it looked by one of her techs at worked, he didn't take it apart just looked at it I'm also a shade tree computer repair type, he agreed with me that the crack had nothing to do with the screen going out. My wife is letting the guy at her job fix the screen. Now we find out that the problem with the screen is a known issue with her model of computer by way of research on the internet, and his research. Anyway HP wanted something like $480.00 to fix the thing, she refused they sent it back,,,still broke. We both talked to HP tech support on the phone again and of course it didn't go anywhere. I love Palm WebOS but I'm thinking that HP has made up our minds for us. Palm is HP and HP is Palm. Were switching to Android and never buying anything made by HP or Palm again. I'm also putting this info as we find out more on my Facebook wall and Twitter. I'm going to go to the BBB with it and rip off report web site also.
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    Yeah blame Palm for your HP computer that you didn't do research on before you bought it!
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    I can't argue with you about that buddy. He who feels it knows it. I probably would have done the same thing, if it had been done to me. But lets put the blame where it belongs. HP.
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    clearly you have abused your computer. At some point you need to start taking responsibility for your screwups.. You are not ENTITLED anything imho. I have owned hp products for years, and never had any problems. I think they are an awesome company, that makes awesome products!

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