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    ...clip... a community center with an interfaith chapel is a plan I could get behind. A Muslim organization building a center where people of all faiths can worship would be a huge step towards bettering relations within such a culturally and religiously diverse city as New York.
    I don't know much about Islam..
    Is there interfaith tolerance in Islam?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I don't know much about Islam..
    Is there interfaith tolerance in Islam?
    This is solely based on my experiences so take it with a grain of salt, but just like Christianity, it depends on what denomination (I'm sure it's not called a denomination in Islam, but for lack of a better word) you're talking about, and probably even deeper, who in that denomination you talk to. My wedding was a great example. My father-in-law is a Muslim. My father is a Jehovah's Witness. I go to and got married in an Episcopal church. Not only did my father-in-law attend the wedding, he participated and got his local Imam to come in and do an Islamic prayer for us. My father and most of my uncles (who are all JWs as well) wouldn't even come into the church, so they stood outside like homeless people. So the short answer is, "it depends"...
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    Don't see what this thread does on a website dedicated to a line of smartphones - but as it is already at 22 pages anyway here's my 2 cents.

    A few facts:
    * The towers were not attacked by Islam - they were attacked by crazy fanatics who claimed to be islamic while betraying fundamental tenets of their religion - just like radical christians sometimes do
    * There were muslims among the 9/11 victims (also jews buddists and atheists)
    * Terrorists are not a military and they do not conduct military campaigns. They are too few to win a conflict via conventional warfare - that's why they commit terrorist acts to begin with (see IRA, ETA, RAF, etc...). The goal is not the death of a few people - even a few thousand - that's just a tool to a terrorist. The goal is to change the situation indirectly by spreading fear and escalating to a wider conflict.

    Anybody who judges all of islam by a few extremists is just as wrong as somebody who judges all of christianity by the crazy acts of a few extremists (and christians have their fair share of evil *******s).

    But more importantly - anybody who takes 9/11 as a conflict between islam and christianity does exactly what the terrorists want to achieve.
    If you discriminate against people because they are muslims - let alone attack random muslims or just go crazy about a lawful community center project - you're doing the bad guys a favour.

    This planned islamic community center (*** Mosque) is *not* at ground zero - but 2 blocks away. There's already plenty of islamic institutions in NYC. Going crazy about this makes no sense.

    The guy responsible for this center is a moderate who worked with law enforcement and the Bush administration.

    It's not built by the President. The president doesn't even have a say in building permits (unless he abuses executive orders or talks congress into changing laws) - which makes the anti-Obama comments regarding this very silly.

    p.s. I'm an agnostic/atheist. Islam and Christianity (plus all other religions) are more or less equally weird to me. I don't understand why people kill for their imaginary friends.

    Given that jews, christians and muslims all believe in the very same god and that Yahweh/God/Allah forbids murder in the scripts of all 3 religions I find it very strange that his followers are so fond of persecuting and killing each other over differences in rituals and scriptual fineprint.
    Makes no sense at all.
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