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    He had been fighting his demons for sometime now. He has been an alcoholic for the past decade. He was in and out of programs to help him clean up, they only worked for short periods of time before he was drinking again. Losing his mom in 2007 didn't help his road to recovery.

    Recently he has been with this girl, she moved in with him. He started drinking heavily again during their relationship, and she wanted to get out, though never did anything on her part to do so, she would ask for help and when the time came she would act like nothing ever happened. He physically and verbally abused her. She finally got a restraining order put on him, but continues to live in his house, and lets him stay there at night when no one can see that he was home. If you haven't figured it out yet, she's a real crazy lady, that is putting it nicely.

    Well she finally decided enough is enough. She has been talking about moving out on her Facebook page for weeks, somehow she kept my stepbrother in the dark about it all, I suppose being drunk 24/7 will do that.

    He finds this out yesterday, and gets plastered drunk and disappears. His girlfriend gets worried, calls the police and lets them know she doesn't feel safe. They patrol his house and his granddad's house, they're only about 100 ft away from one another. She was at his granddads house during all this, the police stop looking after a while and leave. She is still at his granddads, and then he shows up. His granddad confronts him, my stepbrother is yelling about how he is going to kill this woman and is in rage. He has an icepick and he grabs his granddads throat and throws him to the ground. His granddad carries and gun on him always, he pulled it out and my stepbrother grabbed it, and his granddad fired it. As far as I know it was point blank into the chest, he was DOA when the ambulance got there.

    W. T. F. is all I can think. This whole situation is so screwed up. I am too young for this ****. I'm 25 and all the is left of my immediate family is my dad and brother. Ugh.
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    I wish i can say something to make you feel better, but all i can think of is we're here if you need us.

    I think i speak for all of us when i say that.
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    I am very sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    thanks for letting us know. You have friends here.
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    sorry to hear that man . I will pray for you .
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    RIP...I know what addictions do to a person body, mind and soul.
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    were here for you
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    RIP ..My father passed away 2yrs ago and til this day I still can't believe it
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    Woah. I'm sorry for your lost. Good luck, stay strong.
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    You are in a dark spot in life man... sounds like your step bro had it rough... and made some bad decisions in his life. I have had my share of dark cliche as this sounds.. i learned and grew from them. Take this time to reflect. focus on finding respect in order to be strong for your self , family, friends.
    There are days i wish i was 25 again... and then i remeber the struggels i went through before figuring out who i am.. what to be... strive to be.

    PM me if you want to discuss. I am over 15 yrs older ... and seen a lot struggle in my life. my heart goes out to you... you will get through this. stay strong
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    The darkness is there to make the light shine so bright. I can't say anything that will really make sense of what happened. Just know that he has some kind of peace now.
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

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    Hey, I'm sorry for your loss..

    I hope you start feeling better as soon as possible. It's a sad thing in life, and will take time to get over it, but do it. Try to not feel sorry for yourself, or miss him to much. (I'm not saying I could do it, or you don't have the right to feel sad, I'm just saying it won't achieve anything. Try to get over it as much as possible as soon as possible.)

    sorry if I sounded like an insensitive *****, It's not what i meant. Although I may have sounded like a jerk, my words have been known to not come out the way they where intended. Please don't take them the wrong way.

    Once again I'm really sorry for your loss.

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    Thank you all for you kind words. Nima, nothing misconstrued on my part, I know what you mean.

    The family is still trying to figure out how they feel about this. It is a tragedy, without a doubt. Mixed feeling are there because of how distant everyone had become of my step brother because he would take advantage of his friends and family to any extent to get what he wanted. No one feels any resentment whatsoever to his grandfather, he was an 89 year old man defending himself the only way he could. He was released from jail yesterday, the states bureau of investigation decided not to press charges. I haven't spoke with him yet, but I hear he doing OK right now. In the past three years he's lost his daughter, wife, and now grandson, so I know this is taking a huge toll on him, but he is toughest 89 year old I've ever known.

    His sister, my stepsister, got into town yesterday. She's doing well right now, but I know in a couple of days she is going to be bedridden from this. That, sadly, is her routine in times like this though, so we all know what to expect and how to not let things get completely out of hand.

    I am telling myself I'm OK, but it becomes quite obvious when I speak to someone about the situation how wrong I am. That's how it goes though.

    Thank you to everyone again for everything.
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    You're welcome, and don't forget-
    our door is always open, so to speak.
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    As dumb as this might sound, just give yourself the space to reflect on things but try not to get caught up re-running scenarios in your mind.
    It will be very difficult to make any sense of things right now, but just know that everything will get better and slowly start to make sense.

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