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    big balls...
    A judge granted bail for a JetBlue flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger on an airplane public-address system, grabbing some beer from the galley and exiting on an emergency slide.
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    I like the way many articles have left out what event triggered his admittedly poor reaction. I'd like to know why the woman wasn't charged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    I like the way many articles have left out what event triggered his admittedly poor reaction. I'd like to know why the woman wasn't charged.
    great point. My thought exactly.
    looks like the guy was just doing his job.
    no excuse... But looks like he has alot on his plate... And had enough.

    maybe it will strengthen regulations against passengers that abuse the attendants .
    I am all for rules and regulations...
    that does not mean I agree with them all.
    this is a case where she needed to be held accountable.
    I have flown over 100k miles on biz... I was always surprised at the passengers that would treat the attendants rudely... And were problamatic on flights.
    on a few occasions... I had to address it personally... And express that the behavior was unnacceptable.

    there was no way I was putting up with it for 5 more hours.
    both incidents... The passenger was embarrassed... And could tell by the look on everyone elses face ... Their actions were not welcome.

    even thought this guy ultimately lost his cool... Which is unprofesional... I support what he did and hope it brings about a change
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    Agreed. Some accounts indicate that the passenger both cursed at him and (accidentally?) hit him with a bag. We all have our breaking point...and he hit his with style. Seriously, popping the chute and grabbing two beers off the beverage cart before sliding out of the plane? Classic. Hats off to you sir for adding style to your flameout.

    That said, popping that chute was a significant event. It effectively stopped that airplane in place...and most likely took it out of service for some time. That result most likely inconvenienced a number of folks on that plane who were not at well as many other passengers on connecting well as crew. He may have also placed himself and others in jeopardy with his actions by being out on the tarmac without authorization...potentially drinking. They most likely had to send folks out there to search for him. The delay also most likely caused did replacing the chute.

    Thus, it wasn't an action without consequences, but no doubt, it was amusing. So much so, that I expect that he will most likely profit from his actions though various media outlets. My guess is that we'll see him on a reality show before the end of the year.

    My opinion - he shouldn't walk, but the penalty should be less severe than the maximum that is being discussed (7 years I believe). That said, it should be severe enough that the next person thinks at least twice about doing something similar...especially when they see how well he makes out...which I expect he will. Anything less than a month or two of jail time and several hundred hours of community service sends a dangerous message to future copycats IMHO...but then again, I've never been accused of being a softy.

    Regardless, the man has style.

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