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    Using MHS on a Verizon pre - I cant get outgoing email to send - sticks in my outbox. Do I need to change my outgoing server settings or?
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    Middleton High School?

    Going to need more info to help you with this problem. E-mail provider, your settings, etc.
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    Well, I have three email accounts on my laptop - each using the ISP's outgoing server settings, which has, at one time worked while using MHS, but not any longer. Wondering if I have to change outgoing server settings to something that Verizon/MHS likes or something?
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    So this isn't a problem with your Pre? It's a laptop e-mail problem?

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    No change is needed for Verizon. Can you provide details?

    What OS is running on the PC?
    Does outbound email work on other wifi connections?
    Is any of this going over a VPN?
    Have you rebooted your PC lately? I find that my corp email over VPN sometimes gets stuck, but it is fixed by a reboot. Not sure why... but it happens

    So, more details will help the email experts (which isn't me) to help you...
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    Windows Vista on the PC.
    Yes, outbound works on other wireless connections - but not all. Often at hotels/airports I have the same issue with outgoing, but only on some of my accounts - almost seems random. At times I will have to call the ISP and get an outbound server setting from them.
    I use VPN, but not for email.
    Will try the reboot.

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