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    I thought it was funny today as I went into my local Sprint store to get a glance at how full Flash looks on a mobile phone, and as I picked up the Evo to check what was beating inside I saw that 2.1 was still on it.

    I asked a Sprint guy if he could explain and he said it wasn't out yet.....

    I decided to install it, with his permission of course, and started playing with sites like and to check out the video streaming quality.

    As several Sprint clerks were looking over my shoulder checking out the new features and asking me how I got it all going (didn't exactly take rocket science), I was actually quite pleased with the Flash experience.

    Keep in mind that it was coming through over wifi, and the Evo has a rocking processor to help out, but from what I saw, with a little bit more optimization, the future of mobile devices running Flash is looking bright.

    Couldn't help but think that Flash on WebOS, as it currently stands, would be very unpleasant. If Flash was as glitchy on a wifi, 1Ghz Evo as I saw today, then I would throw my Pre against a wall if this was installed.

    Sorry I don't have any other info on how the update stacked up, but my main interest was in Flash on a phone in it's full form.

    Plus I thought it was funny that I was doing the Sprint worker's job for him.

    Too those that care, I did place the dead Pre display back on it's charger and also restarted a froze Pixi, as both units looked abandoned in a field of Blackberry and Android devices that looked pristine.

    It broke my heart.
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    wasn't sure where I should throw this so I put it in 'off topic'.

    Here's a thought, if you didn't want to read it, why do you obviously click the new posts link?

    Chill with the 'posting police' mentality already.
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    Cool. I do it when I am in a sprint store. That is fix up the phones... the evo I was on had internet turned off in the settings and the pre was not logged into a profile... it's sad how many stores dont give a flip about presentation.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Played a video via on my Fiance's EVO, played quite well I thought.

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