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    she was getting ready for desert

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    LOL... I was thinking more along the line of:


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    (seeing that picture makes me throw up a little in my mouth...and it's on the top of the page so for the next 20 posts, each time I hit last page, I'm gonna have to see that...)

    She was worried if people thought she got that fat again she would...
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    collapse a house when she walked in....

    (Sooooo glad overweight has never been a prob for me!)
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    ...or the stage to do her finale and probably have the audience for snack **nom nom nom**
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    ...or the stage to do her finale and probably have the audience for snack **nom nom nom**
    But then, she'd STILL be hungry, so....
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    She would fly to Hotlanta to find that scrumptious dbd and
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    she started to think why is it that you never feel full after eating chinese
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    After arriving in Hotlandta she found DBD Fixed his lazy return dbd bought her 1 million cheezburgers
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    and 10 million orders of greasy french fries!
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    at McDonalds. As she was lightly munching, dbd's iphone rang. It was...
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    Steve Jobs demanding...
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    dbd to hook him up with Oprah, and lend him a bag of flour so he could find.....
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    the Keebler Elves cuz he can't resist the....
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    there Elvish charms and glitter of vampires in twilight.
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    Or was that Sketch's charms and the glitter of dbd in twilight? Regardless, he's always wanted...
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    to be the most popular on..
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    the cruise ship massage room circuit.
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    precentrals OT Forum section.... He tried his hand at the babycakes buttercup thread but, he was always found holding a ladder during the rush for
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    illegal border crossers......from
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    from mexico to....

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