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    Which he had once blown up trying to supercharge one of his cell phones...
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    which made him bang his head against the sink in the bathroom while he was changing a lightbulb, giving him the idea to invent the..
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    dbd support group, of which Ver is now a member, to try to prevent the same from happening to other unfortunate souls....
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    Surprisingly, DBD thought that the support group didn't support the group, but he didn't realize ...
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    That HE Was the group!
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    which really confused everyone on the support group, because....
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    They knew that since they were all on meds , that the support group didn'tactually exist and that dbd was a mythical figure , like Unicorns..
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    but he did make more people believe in space aliens!
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    Which fit quite nicely with his plan to rule the...
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    ...the NPLL (nation of public library liberals). When word of his intentions spread hundreds of pledgers gathered from around the country to listen to his ways.
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    .....and his BS.
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    But right before dbd was about to give is big speech...
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    He joined a Monk Brotherhood and began physical separation from everyone, and vowed celibacy and........
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    veganism, so he could live his life long dream of becoming a...
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    Dream hacker the idea spawned when he watched inception.....but with a lazy eye.....
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    was only able to see the left side of the movie screen.
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    and therefore thought the movie he was watching was actually Titanic....
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    until Oprah ran by with a bottle of...
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    gasoline, which she was intending to use to torch a rival studio's....
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    that was reporting she had gained another 200 pounds and looked like....

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