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    and Kermit keeps calling him asking for...
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    Child visitation hours and missing money from his bank account.....
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    that he uses constantly to keep his green complexion so... well Green...
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    and to try to keep the warts away, because they'll give away to everyone that he's a toad!
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    and nobody likes toads.. Except little kids to tease other kids.. And may be the occasional princess or two
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    ....Kermit was furious but then moved on to his new life in the swamps of Louisiana where his new girlfriend....
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    had taken a huge life insurance policy on the aging star, so she could finance...
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    ...Beaker, who was covered in tar balls from assisting with the Gulf clean up...

    "How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!"
  9. #349 was good for ole Kermit he access to all swamp bugs and his beautiful toothless girlfriend.
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    who was ... ironically, an excellent oral surgeon
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    not only that, but he had a big
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    bannana that he threw to the 800 lbs gorrila standing..
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    outside the zoo, begging for help
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    for his lactose intolerant girlfriend, Elsie the cow...
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    who was soon to be processed into some really good steak....
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    But miss piggy had found Kermit at the zoo.. that's when the zookeeper decided ...
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    That bacon and frogs legs sounded mighty tasty
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    So.... now that the gorilla and his girlfriend where safe , they decided to open a
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    Candy Apple stand on Coney Island!
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    which was suspiciously close to sketch42's old house...

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