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    kiss his <censored>
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    back off as verwon was his, they then hopped on his invisible plane never to be seen again
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    although, the plane did make using the bathroom an embarrassing experience.
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    Then they came a across some rather hairy....

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    that's when pilot stated singing titanic's theme song over the intercom
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    Then Leonardo DiCaprio died
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    or was he just incepting?
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    the plane finally made a safe landing in AC NJ where hurricane Earl was about to........
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    hit a pawn shop.
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    but got distracted by a squirrel (damn that short attention span)
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    and a moose who were at the pawn shop looking for....
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    but found some pumpernickel instead... so with this in hand they headed for..
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    The shore to find The Situation and Pauly D to give them some acting advice like...
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    the way they taught Milli Vanilli.
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    but once they got there they discovered that The Situation had left The Shore to be on Dancing with the Stars with Bristol Palin who...
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    got knocked up by that celebrity-wannabe
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    who turned around and sued his doctor because the...
    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    nose job the doc did made him look like Miss Piggy
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