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    Without a doubt... This website and forum is number one on my list. I can't imagine the pre without precentral.

    Which website do you most visit, and why?
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    Ah... well I guess I would have to say the website I repeatedly come to the most is PreCentral... but the vast majority of my time is spent in a few different linux forums trying to soak up everything I need to get various projects flowing. Im also a regular poster among the hack and mod community... couple of my projects have hit the rss feeds a couple of times and shocked the jeepers right out of me. And of course... Im constantly looking at new arduino projects...
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    Facebook, then Precentral very closely behind it.
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    I would have to say Facebook, Precentral.
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    facebook and precentral!
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    Precentral, northamericanmotoring, twitter, yahoo fantasy sports, speedtest.

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  9. #9, then facebook, then here
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    Precentral 1,000%
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  12. #12, android central, and the The I Phone blog.

    Trollin aint easy
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  14. #14 and I spend most of the day on it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by babydaddy75 View Post, then facebook, then here
    yo babydady...thanks for the link to gridironfans! my new favorite!
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    precentral .. Always reading the new posts.
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    Given my modness it's P|C or as my wife calls it nerdcentral.
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    If we are counting the page your browser opens to its Comcast.
    If not, the order is probably something like this
    Myspace (still gotta check on the bands)
    r21freak (i love in the groove )

    On an irregular basis i will check tipb, twitter, bungie, my hotmail, and wikipedia to search for information.
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    my own bookmark webpage
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