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    great place to get straight forward nonsense advice.

    'Ask Steve' reimagines everyone's favorite turtlenecked CEO as a Dear Abby daily newspaper columnist. [From: Me & Her]

    me & her — Ask Steve | 07-27-10 | Steven P. Jobs Have a...

    If you have any questions for steve..... go ahead and post them here
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    He really sounds like a nice guy!
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    that is the funniest thing ever.

    for another laugh, follow ceoSteveJobs on twitter. Another parody that will crack you up!
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    this Steve is funnier and smarter than BARYE.

    BARYE does not like Steve.
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    Dear Steve,
    My dog keeps dragging his *** on the carpet every morning when he wakes up.
    Two Part Question :
    1.) what can i do to stop his *** dragging?

    2.) What can i use ( your recommendation) to remove the racing strips he has left on my carpet?
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    Dear Steve,
    I have had trouble sleeping at night... the anticipation of a new webOS phone has consumed my imagination. Will it have an omap4 processor? will it have a similar form factor as the pre... but the display be more efficiently designed.. and the width and length only increased minimally to create another . 7 in of screen realestate... for a total of 3.8 inches. will the body be made of Superstrong, superlight, and supersmall metals : – Superstrong, superlight, and supersmall

    should i just give in and buy an android phone? or will that make me have nightmares worrying about having a phone that pales in comparison to the next webOS phone?
    please help..

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