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    I no longer live in NYC...but love that city..

    NYC Subway to Get Wi-Fi and Cell Service, We Look In To Buying Bikes

    After an almost three-year delay, work is set to begin on a $200 million plan to bring mobile- phone and Wi-Fi service to New York’s subway stations.

    The project was rejuvenated after the group that won the contract secured new financing from an Australian mobile- infrastructure operator, said Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for New York City Transit.

    As part of the deal, Broadcast Australia took a majority stake in Transit Wireless LLC, the group of wireless and construction companies that was awarded the subway contract in 2007 and promised New York City Transit about $46 million over 10 years. The system will give New York’s commuters a service people in Singapore, Berlin and Tokyo have had for years.
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    I love NY too, but they've been talking about cell phone service in the subway for more than ten years now.

    I didn't click on the link, but i hope it's true.
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    I updated the post...looks like it's finally getting started.
    a bit behind other big cities...
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    Thx, but you know we shouldn't believe it 'till we see it.
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    San Francisco Muni doesn't have any wireless services and we only have about 15 miles of tubes.

    I think I heard they finally got it into the BART tube under San Francisco Bay. I don't know if that includes the tubes that run under the city also.

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