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    I have a self-hosted site, and I want to change a site and use a blog engine instead of the current (Joomla).

    Do you have a self-hosted blog? If so, which blog engine are you using in your blog? I want to make the right decission, so if you've tried other engines, please tell me the reasons because your choice was what it was.

    (Yeah, I know, a boring post... but, is absolutely more boring to do all the work and later realize that my choice was bad.)
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    Wordpress. A great deal of third-party support, many tutorials out there, and designed just for blogging. (Not full content management, like Joolma and Drupal)

    After the initial setup, maintaining it is pretty simple. Also, it's very easy to have non-technical users post new info without too much training.
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    I think a lot of us use the off-topic forum on (no names, but i'm pointing toward dbd and whistling)

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