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    tape on the red sensor under the bottom of computer mouse, especially fun for new office people

    super glue quarter to table in lunch room

    super glue diet coke button on vending machine, every one gets one now automatically!

    salt in the sugar shaker next to coffee machine
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    saran wrap across a freeway, have cars drive through it.
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    Had a friend fake arrested for his birthday

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    baby powder in a blow dryer is especially funny when done to someone who's very anal and ritualistic in their morning routine.
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    When I was young, and had no sense....

    Used to tie fishing line to 2 empty Hawaiian Punch cans, long enough to stretch across the street. Found 2 sticks to hold the string up at grill level on cars, and waited for the hapless victim to drive through it. Kinda like what they do to newlyweds, but it sounded like your muffler fell off!

    Took all my brother's plastic bags for his newspaper route, and filled them with water (about 50). At night, I placed them randomly a few feet apart on a slow residential street in a curve. Waited for hapless victim to arrive and slam on the brakes. Headlights would illuminate all the weird glowing blobs! One guy went nuts and stomped all of them.

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    i like part 2 in your post !! really sounds funny !!
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